Cleartoo Company Limited, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, recognizes and attaches great importance to the right to your personal information. Therefore, the company has prepared this privacy policy in order to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562, which will inform you of the details of the processing and how the company handles your personal data as follows.

1. Personal information

Personal data under this policy means information about an individual by which an individual can be identified whether directly or indirectly but does not include deceased or anonymous data, in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act and other relevant laws.

2. Collection of personal information

The Company collects your personal information through the Company’s website and / or mobile application (Cleartoo) which is lawful. It will store information as necessary for the purposes of the company. Therefore, we must inform you and obtain consent before collecting such personal information for the benefit of your use The Company will keep those information confidential.

3. Information that the Company collects

The Company may collect your personal information through the following channels:

3.1 The Company will collect personal information in connection with the use of the present service and which may be increased in the future as follows:

(1) Personally identifiable information such as name, surname, ID card number, date of birth, gender, nationality, photograph, electronic device data, etc.

(2) Contact information such as address, phone number, e-mail, etc.

(3) Service behavior data or products related to the service that are connected to or may be connected on the Company’s various platforms, such as images, sound or content of your conversations with customer service, etc.

(4) Financial information such as bank account numbers etc.

(5) Data for analyzing the use of the service for retrospective review in case of usage problems.

(6) Information to provide services to specific customer groups, such as persons with visual or hearing impairments.

(7) Information required by the company for legal compliance. or a statutory request by a law enforcement agency and/or a court order.

(8) Access to products and/or services through the website, where the Company may collect your information through cookies or other similar technologies.

(9) Member information and product and / or service usage details such as user account name and password, image data, social media information, chat information and information about any person or account you deal with through our products and or services.

3.2 The Company may store information about your computer traffic or access to the website (Log Files), which will store information such as IP Address, access time, etc.

4. Use of Cookiesor similar technologies

When you visit or use a product and/or service on the Company’s website, the Company automatically collects a log of your visits to the Company website and the Company mobile application by using cookies and other similar technologies. These collected information will be used for the purpose of developing and improving the Company’s website to better meet your needs.


5. News notifications via mobile applications (push notifications)

The Company may send various alerts to your mobile device to provide updates and general information about the Company’s products and / or services. You can cancel the news notifications or targeted advertising through the Company’s mobile application by setting up notification preference on your device.


 6.Period of personal data collection

The Company will retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary to perform contractual obligations or to fulfill the purposes stated in this policy.

It is necessary to keep personal data for other reasons, such as to perform legal duties or to investigate disputes.

The Company may retain the information for longer periods than specified when the Company does not have a need or obligation

The company will take appropriate steps to delete or destroy or make your personal information non-identifiable immediately according to the retention period of personal data above


7. Purpose of collecting personal information

The Company will use your personal information as you have provided to carry out the purposes of providing services according to the transactions agreed between you and the Company. The Company will not use the personal information received from you for any purpose other than those stated at the time of collecting such information. The company collects information for the following purposes

7.1 To contact and provide services or answer questions as you request

7.2 For the benefit of the performance of the contract between the parties and the Company including the management of legal relationships between them

7.3 For the legitimate interests of the Company, such as for internal management, management, for preparing marketing plans, analyzing and processing usage data including improvements of products and / or service development and any action to be able to run the business. This includes the management and development of products and/or services (including the website and applications), research such as surveys, interviews, fraud detection, prevention and maintenance of information systems, etc.

7.4 To verify your identity before or while entering into any transactions with the Company

7.5 For providing news and benefits through letters, correspondence, telephone calls, books, emails, SMS, applications, social media, etc., or for the delivery of such things which may involve the disclosure of certain aspects of your personal data. On the front of the envelope / outer envelope

7.6 For the exercise of legal claims

7.7 To collect information into the Company’s database or statistical information about the number of visitors to the website

7.8 To maintain and control software updates and/or other updates. and to provide necessary support from time to time to ensure the smooth running of our Services or to allow other people to interact with or connect with you on the Platform. This includes to notify you when other users send you personal messages or post comments to you on the Platform, to third parties or our business partners. related to the product and/or services of the company such as a transport company

7.9 Other actions with your consent

7.10 To comply with the law or legal exception


8. Disclosure of personal information

The company will not disclose your personal information to third parties. except in the following cases

8.1 obtaining the consent of the data subject

8.2 Ordered by the court competent official or law to disclose such information

8.3 Please note that the Company may pass on your personal information between affiliated companies. To provide services to you efficiently and achieve the objectives The information that may be transmitted includes the customer’s name, address, telephone number, Fax numbers, email addresses, company (organization) name, job title, and sales-related information. Such information will be disclosed for service purposes only.

8.4 In disclosing such personal data the Company operates to ensure that your personal information will be protected and business partners or third parties at the company. Disclosure of information will be carried out in accordance with the Company’s regulations and will not be used for the purpose or benefit of that third party. Such measures may include contracting with business partners and third parties as the Company deems appropriate. In the event that you give your consent The Company will share your information with partner companies or other parties. so that the company can offer products or services to you The company will disclose your information to the company that is the company’s partner or any other person or company that is the company’s partner. There may be an increase or decrease. The company will always update the information up to date.

8.5 Disclosure of personal information in other cases

The Company may need to disclose your personal information in other cases as follows:

(1) Compliance with applicable laws

(2) compliance with requests from governments or government agencies or for coordinating with various agencies on matters related to legal compliance

(3) response to the safety of persons or the public

(4) Trials, litigation, investigations, investigations and other legal matters in which personal data is involved.

(5) Security incident investigation

(6) Enforcement of the Company’s Terms of Service

8.6 Transferring, transferring and/or sending your personal data abroad

Your personal data may be transferred, stored or are processed by the Company or may be transmitted to any person or entity which may have locations or may provide services in Thailand or abroad.

In the event that the Company will transfer and/or send information to foreign countries such as

(1) Continued use of goods or services in foreign countries

(2) In the event that the Company has storage, transfer, transfer of personal information for overseas storage

(3) providing other services in connection with the company’s products or services

The company will transfer, and forward information to foreign countries only when it appears that Recipients of personal data have adequate personal data protection standards such as:

  1. Computing in the cloud (Cloud) by an organization with stable standards
  2. Store personal data in encrypted form or other methods in which the identity of the owner of the personal data cannot be identified and the format is universally secure.

8.7 In the Company Platform there may be links to other websites. Please note that the Company is not responsible for the practices of personal information used by other websites.


9. Maintaining security

The Company has measures to maintain the security of personal data that are appropriate as follows:

9.1 The Company has limited access to personal information for its employees. Employees who need to know that information in order to process it for them are subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations.

9.2 Encryption The Company uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure the safe transmission of your personal data.


10. Rights of data subjects

The owner of the personal data has the legal rights which are stated below which can inform the company in writing via  email .

10.1 You have the right to object or withdraw your consent.

10.2 You have the right to object or object to the collection, use or disclosure of information.

10.3 You have the right to access personal data. You can request a copy of personal information about you. The Company will deliver personal information to you within a period of 30 (thirty) days from the date the request is sent to the Company.

10.4 You have the right to correct personal data. You can ask the company to correct any errors or missing information in personal data.

10.5 You have the right to request the suspension of the use or disclosure of personal information.

10.6 You have the right to request deletion of personal data. You can request to delete or destroy your personal information.

10.7 You have the right to request disclosure of the acquisition of your personal data.

10.8 You have the right to request the transfer of your personal data.

10.9 The Company will process your request and will no longer collect, disclose, transmit or use your personal information.

10.10 Withdrawal of that consent There may be some services that the Company cannot provide to you without your consent. The Company will notify you of the effect of the revocation of consent after the Company receives the request for revocation.

11. Working Group under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562

The company has appointed a working group according to The Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 to study and prepare and Process and consulting on personal data in accordance with the said Act and other related laws

12.Changes to Privacy Policy

The Company will regularly review the Personal Data Protection Policy. In order to comply with the guidelines and relevant laws and regulations, the company reserves the right to change the said policy on the website without prior notice to you.

13. Contacts

If you have any questions about the Company’s collection, use, disclosure and/or transfer practices of personal information or want to exercise their rights under the Personal Data Protection Law You can contact us at

Our email:

Or by mail at 123/70 Fifth Avenue Lat Krabang, Thanon Chalong Krung, Lam Prathew, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520

Last revised date 15 Aug 2022